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Gift Boxes

Gift Box ( 3 pairs of Socks, Any 2 Chocolates, Secret note)


Get three pairs of socks, choice of any two chocolates, to be sent as a gift from you to your loved ones.

To select the socks all you need to do is email us the socks pictures of your choice and your chocolates preference (ANY 2), and tell us what message you would want on your note.

That is all that you have to do. We will take care of the rest.

Buy the gift box and email us with all the details. Email us at

Please mention the following in your email:

Your details(Name, address, phone number)

Person receiving the gift (name, address, phone number, relation)

Message to be sent

Socks images selected from our website, occasion and choice of chocolates

Wera Team

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Three sox box 3.jpg