High Quality

We pride in providing great service and quality in the products that we offer to our customers.

We offer money back guarantee if our products are torn, faded or if they are different to what is shown on our website.


How we started…

We were looking to buy some socks for ourselves and searched in the shopping malls and online websites. We found that most of the socks were very regular, old and basic ones. The very few socks that we saw were highly expensive. This is when we did our research and found where to get the best quality socks for a reasonable price.


what we do..

We are up to date with the current trends and order socks according to the needs of our customers. Once we get our stock, we update it on our website and social media. As soon as our customer orders the product we receive the order and post it through New Zealand Postal Services.

Shrish & Ramya are the founders of Wera Socks

Shrish & Ramya are the founders of Wera Socks